4 Reasons Schools Should Stop Compliment Awards

This year, the school announced GRIT. It’s fancy for “Do something good and you could win a prize!” While the idea is good, there are some bad ends to this:

1: A teacher needs to catch you in order to get a card:

Of course, the teacher must catch you in order to get a “raffle”, sorry, no robots! Although this is obvious, it’s not good for the children because, say, I did something nice but the teacher doesn’t see me, what’s the use of doing it again (I’m not like that, but it will mold into the minds of other kids)? Yep, it just backfired 😦

2: It’s not written in stone:

It’s unfair if your friend gets a teacher who gives out tons of compliment “raffles” while your teacher doesn’t often! Most of the time, schools don’t have a “stone” guideline or anything like that that teacher’s must follow, so it’s up to the teachers.

3: When you win it, it’s not an even win:

If you’ve been quiet and obedient all day, and worked very hard to earn a compliment award, and the teacher next door gave out awards to everybody because they got in on time and didn’t work at all? It’s not all even, and students will feel bad because they have uneven scores, for example, somebody scores a 3-pointer while somebody does a free throw, yet the both count for 3 points. How would the 3-point scorer feel? How would the free-thrower feel?

4: It’s not like that in real life:

When you get older, obviously your boss isn’t going to give out candy bars for people that help 🙂 A senior is not going to give out a pizza party because you helped them open the door. When you do the awards, kids are unintentionally trained to not help unless they get an award/expect an award when they help.


Are you against this or support this argument? Write your soul out in the comments!