Life vs Forsight?

First of all, I would like to thank The Daily Post for the idea!

I am in a bedroom deep asleep. Suddenly a wind gusts through the door. I wake up to see the death fairy on my desk. He says in a misty voice:

“One of a million, you have been granted a superpower for predicting the future, however, I had to get a consequence for using it so you don’t hijack the world: You will be marked one day less alive every time you use this super power.”


I am surprised, confused, but when I open my mouth, the dream blows away, yet the power remains. I strive not to use it unless in an emergency. I am counting down my days of life slowly and marking all the attempts I have used the power. 

Okay, Okay, enough with the dream talking. What if I actually HAD the power?

Life is a treasure.

You should be sure of that, life must be used wisely, it’s a finite amount of time you can stay in real Earth. It hurts my soul when I talk about it. But… it must happen. Simple answer: